CTG Academy

Executive Summary

Changing the Game for a New Generation, Inc, a not for profit, 501c3 organization, proposes to start CTG Academy, a private school this 2020-2021 school year. The school’s mission is to extend the digital platform for education to unserved minority communities. The unprecedented public health crises of coronavirus have made virtual learning a necessity, not just a viable option to education. However, minority communities, due to multiple factors, have not been able to benefit from online education. CTG Academy will accept students K-5th grade and will powered by K-12 virtual school through a proposed partnership. Each site will be located within “stay safe” custom designed classrooms, and each classroom will have only 10 students with 2 learning coaches.

Our goal is to:

  1. Assist families in communities impacted by COVID -19 school closures. Parents are often unable to assist their children with online instruction for multiple reasons. Some of the reasons include lack of WIFI accessibility, lack of digital knowledge, parental employment, multiple school aged children. Families are forced to send their children to school. CTG academy proposes to provide a “Stay Safe” facility and learning coaches    that will help facilitate our students in completing their on-line assignments and projects. The learning coaches will also tutor students when needed. Computers and other learning materials are provided to each student through the partnership of K-12 virtual school. In addition to the learning coaches. CTG will provide certified teacher consultants who will support, supervise and direct the learning coaches. We recognize that children who are already coming marginalized communities where they are exposed to crime, violence, poverty, and lack of home security as daily realities, unfortunately begin to consider this as “normal.” Now, during the added stress of a pandemic, school closures, and at home teaching, children and parents from our most at risk communities are at an even greater disadvantage. Schools reopening in the midst of a pandemic is terrifying to parents and teachers. Parents with elementary age children, who have a job, can’t stay home with a virtual learning student. Our assisted virtual learning model will allow children to be in a virtual learning program in a safe facility with the support they need to be successful.
  2. Provide PPE (Personal Protection Education) for our students that will help them during this present pandemic and future public health emergencies. Our students will be better prepared for life in an ever-changing world. PPE (Personal Protection Education) would include age- specific instruction on understanding dangerous microbes and how to prevent infection. Also, the student will learn best practice techniques to prevent spread of disease. Though these practices that are described here are in direct response to a current global pandemic we are sensitive to the fact that our world as we knew it has changed. This pandemic has taught us how much we don’t know and how easy something like this can happen again.  Therefore, our students will become well informed on how to live safer during a public health crisis. CTG Academy is owned by a physician and will provide medical supervision to help identify and prevent infection. To limit exposure, each classroom will have only ten students and two learning coaches. Students will sit at individual computer desks connected by 6 ft of modular shelving.  Though social distancing is required, isolation is not. Our unique classroom set up will keep children connected which is vital for their social development. Educational supplies will be color coded for each student and will stay in the classroom. No backpacks will come into the classroom. No books will go home. All signatures from parents will be done digitally. Children will be covered with easy to put on and remove body aprons that will stay in the classroom and will be sanitized by our team. These are just a few of the precautions that will help us have a “stay safe ” environment for students.
  3. Integrate Project I A.M. to positively intervene in the lives of at-risk children. Project I.A.M. (Inspiring Amazing Minds) is a trauma informed curriculum that our organization, Changing the Game for a New Generation developed to introduce to schools. Project I A.M. intervenes in children’s lives once a week by using the arts to positively impact their outlook on life, enhance their self-image and foster character development. It builds resilience and improves their emotional IQ.


CTG Academy’s proposed partnership with K-12 virtual school can undoubtedly positively impact our communities through utilizing this innovative alternative to in- person learning. It immediately removes the barriers that minority communities would have in accessing a digital education platform. It allows K-12 Virtual school to extend their reach to communities they would desire to serve, but historically could not access. The partnership will be in alignment with the company’s stand on diversity and inclusion. 

It is our intention to work with our public schools during these difficult times to not only help provide the best education possible for our students, but to add what we believe are necessary additions that will help our most at risk for failure in life students and their families. The outcomes expected from this partnership is a better opportunity for at risk students   to survive, to thrive, and to succeed in life at all levels.

It is our intention to Change the Game for a New Generation!